August 27, 2018



Susan Dennard

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This was a pretty good first!

Lately it seems like all YA fantasy is pretty much the same, so I've been trying to be a bit more lenient about reused plots and clich├ęs and focus more on writing style and entertainment. Although the premise seems a bit used, there is originality to it. There are different types of powers and races in this world and each is explained pretty well.

Our two main characters, Safi and Iseult are threadsisters, or bond over their 'shared' threads (even though Iseult is a threadwitch and therefore cannot see her threads). Safi is a truthwitch (under radar), because if people knew they would do anything to get hands on her to use her power. After learning that her witchery has somehow been revealed and that she is now supposed to wed the emperor, she flees under a contract to get her safe.

I loved the characters in this one. Iseult and Safi are so great together. They're fun, smart, and brave and even better together, but I felt like they weren't as flawed as I would prefer my characters to be. Merik was a charm.

The plot is okay, but the world is really well done. I hope that there's more about the different witcheries and different lands in the next one.

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