August 23, 2018

The Republic of Thieves

The Republic of Thieves

Scott Lynch

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I think the only reason I enjoyed this one (more than the others, at least) was because of Sabetha. She was desperately needed in this series.

Locke's antics are just getting annoying at this point. It's all wah wah I don't want to live and then OMG I have to reconnect with Sabetha and then oh woe is me she left again just over and over again. It's repetitive and annoying and there isn't much to save from the monotony of the plot.

I don't care who Locke is. I don't care about his past. I don't care what other schemes he so wittingly comes up with. I don't care!!! Jean is barely in this one except for the beginning, which is a tragic mistake as he was a much better character previously. The past interludes were only needed to show what happened between Sabetha and Locke, I felt like I didn't need to read about half of the Moncraine Company's bullshit.

Sabetha is the shining star, but a bit too much so. She's just made out to be a completely perfect thieving and moody woman. I liked her, but not enough to keep this series alive. And of course, there will be more because why wouldn't the Falconer somehow make a comeback? The whole election and theme of this book was boring. I'm just not feeling it anymore.

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