August 14, 2018

Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night

Veronica Rossi

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Well, that was disappointing :(

Everything I liked about the first book was pretty much lost here. The characters were not what they once were, and the plot is a bit jumbled. I liked that it was chaotic and ends with a need to know what happens next, but I wish it would have gotten to the point sooner because everything in-between was just bad.

I didn't really like or dislike Aria in this one, she just is who she is and is more focused and aware of what's going on in her world, which I believe is a good thing. Everything I liked about Perry went out of the window with this one. I understand 'testing' Perry in a way that shows his loyalty to Aria, but he isn't loyal to her. He isn't trusting either. She left for very selfless reasons, the main being to protect Perry, and instead he believes that she left to be with Roar. He KNOWS the situation, KNOWS where they're both going, KNOWS how much Roar will always love Liv, how much Aria would always love him, and it takes one thing some stupid girl he knew for 5 seconds says and she's suddenly untrustworthy. I understand doubt in any relationship, but the two of them are supposed to be different. It doesn't matter if he turned another woman down or not, his thoughts of Aria were not warranted.

Then there's the actual plot. It takes them about 10 minutes total to save Talon. Roar and Aria are in the enemy territory for about a day. SO MUCH MORE COULD HAVE HAPPENED. The fluff in the middle of the book is about 200 pages of Perry's insecurities. The plot just did not outweigh the fluff enough for me to act like I care about what happened.

Hopefully the conclusion turns this series around.

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