January 20, 2017

Waking Lazarus

Waking Lazarus
D.J. Williams
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*This book was gifted to me by the author. The below review is my honest opinion*
My brain is on fire from all of the action and information I just absorbed from this book. It definitely had a secret agent/James Bond thing going and I actually think the plot would make an even better movie. Keep in mind that this book can be read as a standalone, which is what I have done but it's actually the second book in the Guardian Novel series and with the way the book left off, there will be more to come.

Goodreads blurb:
"Jake Harris' life hasn't turned out the way he planned. Battling his addictions, and the shattered pieces of his family, he is hired to ghostwrite a memoir. From the 1920's story of a controversial evangelist, to the present day mystery of a former District Attorney, everything changes when his search for the truth leads to an atrocity hidden from history. With a past he can't remember, he begins to discover that he is not the person he believed himself to be. Rather, he is a threat to a secret society that has remained in the shadows for nearly a century. Jake is drawn deep inside a world he never knew existed that brings him closer to his own extraordinary destiny."
I'm not a huge action/adventurer which is the only reason why I gave this book what could be seen as a low rating. I thought the plot was very well thought out, if not a bit confusing at times. One major thing for me was the characters, I just couldn't get emotionally attached because I wasn't a huge fan of the main character, Jake and I felt like most of the characters just fell flat because the book was focused more on the plot.
For those of you that like secret societies and political warfare, this will suit you well. Although the genre really just isn't for me, it didn't stop me from enjoying the book.

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