May 24, 2019



V. E. Schwab

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I'm a sucker for the anti-hero and this book is filled with 'em.

I loved the continuation of the tension between Eli and Victor, and how they understand each other's minds. I particularly loved the look into Eli's childhood and then introduction to Victor. I was a bit confused about June's attachment to Syd, but I loved the addition of her character (shapeshifters are always a plus). Marcella was a peach. I like how she's relatable to a point with her jealousy and hatred of being underestimated, but her hunger for power is out of control. The mad scientist was a nice touch and helps us feel for Eli.

The plot this time was really focused on EON and their 'experimentation' and capture of EOs. I think the only thing that really bugged me about this was the ending. It felt like so much suspense and detail throughout the book to have such a short and vague ending, I was almost expecting there to be another book (although who knows, she may decide to write another in the future... I'm calling it now). I really did enjoy the series, I think that Schwab is the master of villains' perspective and I hope she continues the theme.

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