May 18, 2019



Stephanie Garber

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I'm not sure why, but I thought this series was just going to be a duology and that this would be the end so it was a little disappointing to not have a concrete ending, but I can't really complain that the magic will continue, I just hope that it keeps with the Caraval theme.

Tella was definitely a more interesting perspective than Scarlett, though I was surprised that Scar didn't have a bigger appearance in this (other than to pop up occasionally or to be mysteriously disappearing). I felt like the twists were a bit more predictable and Caraval was a little less mystical but there was more focus on a bigger plot, including the search for their mother.

What I really loved about this book was the inclusion of the deck of cards and the fates, it was interesting to hear about their tales and descriptions and feel a real fear for their release. I also like that death was still creeping on Tella and fueled her to fight harder.

The deck of cards also inspired me to pick up some tarot cards. It's so interesting to see how just looking at a card you know is supposed to have meaning and trying to interpret the thoughts that pop up as a result, just like the deck of destiny controlled Tella's thoughts of her future (in a way).

I am interested to see where the next book goes and like I said I hope that I still feel the confusion of 'what's real' vs. what's in the game.

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