May 13, 2019



Marissa Meyer

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I'm a little torn, so we'll say 3.5 rounded to 4

There were things I really liked about this series conclusion, and things I wish were a bit different but I did enjoy most of the book, and the series in general. What held it together for me were the characters and the fairy tales weaved through all of them.
I liked having Winter's perspective, I wish there were more included in this one since it was focused around her. I liked seeing into her mind, feeling her illusions and understanding her (insane) logic. I also enjoyed the fact that everything was rushed and most of their scrambled together plans went horribly wrong, people were split up and everything was just chaos. I usually couldn't guess what would happen next which was a refreshing change. What I could have predicted would be the very minimal deaths to the characters we care about. Don't get me wrong, mama Kesley was hard, but she wasn't around for long and it stood for something. Obviously there is a lot of emotional scarring, but it's implied (not like we'll be able to read about their perspectives after everything happens). For me, revolutions and Wars mixed with a decent amount of main characters should result in at least a few deaths. I also wish there was more of the reformation after the revolution.

The stars of the series for me were Thorne and Cress. I loved both of their character arcs and their storylines I wish it was more focused on them and I had more time with Cress. There was a decent amount of humor. Overall entertaining series!

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