July 12, 2018

Triangle of Love

Triangle of Love
Robert Sternberg
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Over the years, I have taken a ridiculous amount of Psychology courses (it being my major) and have always been fascinated by different theories, but this one caught my attention almost immediately during one of my Social Psychology courses in undergraduate. We didn't even go through the theory in depth, my professor just mentioned it in passing talking about the Psychology of Love and the current research. I fell in love with the theory of love.

As Sternberg explains, many people (especially researchers) are against finding love scientific in any sense. How do you quantify love? How do you measure it?
Sternberg starts by discussing the past research and theories involving love and how they differ from the triangle theory. He explains the extensive history (which can be boring if you don't understand Psychological Research although the author does a great job of simplifying ideas) and shows how there are gaps in the little knowledge we do have about love and relationships.
The gist of the theory is that there are three main components of love that make up a triangle: passion, commitment, and intimacy. The theory explains how each are weighed in relationships, how each person's actual triangle and ideal triangles differ, and what that can mean for the person and the relationship.
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As always with theories, there are parts I agree or disagree with, but I was really just looking forward to being more informed about the theory and how it can apply in a real relationship. The book did feel a bit long, and most of that was because of the extensive history of past research and theories. I don't feel like I gained much more knowledge than I previously had (because I had access to the original research publication), but either way it was an interesting read.

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