July 13, 2018

Glass Sword

Glass Sword
Victoria Aveyard
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I'm not sure... it's just not holding my interest. Too much repetition that lead to a lengthy book and characters that just fall flat.

I appreciate what this book was trying to do. Ultimately, it was trying to show the battle in Mare, and really in all people, of who to trust and who not to. Reds have hated Silvers for being their oppressors, but should they really hate ALL silvers? Do all Silvers hate Reds? Where do you draw the line between killing most people of one blood and sparing others? To me, it's easy to see that this was supposed to be about race, but I don't feel like this ridiculously strong and important message is as powerful as it should be.
Instead, the author focused on making the heroine an anti-heroine (and a really horrible one). I hated Mare. Can NOT stand her. She doesn't want to be the one making the hard choices make choices, but she doesn't like when others are in control. She doesn't want to be a leader or an outcast, yet she acts exactly like both. She doesn't like being blamed for the awful things she does and she thinks that everyone around her should understand and back every decision she makes, even if they are horrible. She doesn't even give a shit about her family! She's too busy thinking about Maven, a guy she met briefly and thought she cared about, who turned out to be a monster. GET OVER IT!!!! This guy freaking BRANDED you and you still miss the person you thought he was? He put a freaking collar on you. He tried to kill you, break you, and you're still thinking about him every waking moment instead of the people you're killing or the people you're attempting to protect? How selfish can you be?
But, noooooo. Everything Mare does is to protect others right? She's little miss perfect. Drives me crazy. Little miss fragile.
I'm just not feeling this as much as I would like to. I really would love for this book to bring a voice to discrimination and acknowledge the bias towards the grouping society uses based on color (of skin or blood). How not all Silvers believe they are better than everyone, how not all Reds are good. People are people. You cannot define a person by their characteristics or anything beyond their control and make assumptions about them. Everyone is different, and all situations are different. All people are equal. THIS is the message I want to be sent, I really hope the last book gets there because the potential is real, but unfortunately, I don't think this series will dive as deep as it should.

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