July 19, 2018


Marissa Meyer
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I definitely enjoyed this one more than Cinder and can't wait to see which fairy tale the next book follows!

I loved the incorporation of little red riding hood. I think that with the first book, everyone knows Cinderella so well that we can really predict what's going to happen and it kind of ruined the plot, but there was so much more play between Scarlet and the 'wolves' in general that made this one a bit more unique.
Cinder is really starting to grow on me. I didn't care for her much in the first installment, but now she's becoming the badass princess she was always meant to be (while learning about her tragic past and abilities).
I loved Scarlet. She's also a badass, but in a traditional sense because she's totally human just has a fierce loyalty to her grandmother that makes her almost invincible. Unlike others, I didn't care for Wolf too much. His vulnerability is appealing, but the whole 'I'm only weak when you're around because I love you after knowing you for less than a week' is not really my style. And then there's the notorious Captain Thorne. I totally understood why everyone fangirls over him after the first scene, and I really thought I was going to love him too, but after about 3 chapters of him I was just annoyed. He seems like he's only there for comic relief and his ship. Hopefully he has a bigger role in the next one.
I liked the storyline and how it went back and forth between Cinder and Scarlet until they finally converged into 1 plot. I also liked that we were still able to get a glimpse of what Kai was going through also.
Overall, it was pretty good! Definitely an entertaining twist to a well known tale to fit into the series.

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