July 24, 2018

The Heart Forger

The Heart Forger
Rin Chupeco
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Although I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first book, I still applaud the author for a creative world, plot, and characters.

The story continues with Tea relaying her life to the bard. We learn much more about daeva, heartsglass, the Faceless, and more; so much more that it can get a bit confusing. I followed along for the most part, but there were a few characters I got confused with (mostly the Elders) or didn't know who they were but they weren't necessary to the story at this point so it didn't really matter. I was also very confused about the Faceless, but I'm sure I'll understand more after the next book.
As with the first, the thing I love most is the writing style. The author doesn't stop to explain foreign things to us, our knowledge comes naturally through repetition and hints.
I loved the squad in this. I'm glad that Kance wasn't as much involved in this book, he just seemed like a goody-two-shoes through Tea's obsessive view. I love Kalen & Tea's relationship, but I wish it wasn't so 'oh my god I realized that I'm in love with him' sudden. I also love the whole Fox, Tea, & Inessa Tribeca. Khalad & Linh are the most precious individuals in the world and the fact that they're together just makes me so happy.
Overall, I enjoyed this although I didn't realize the series would be a trilogy so the entire time I thought that the book would have a concrete ending (woe is me), but I'm glad I get to read more about these people and to find out what happened to Tea.

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