April 15, 2017

A Court of Mist and Fury

A Court of Mist and Fury

Sarah J. Maas

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I liked the last book, but I loved this. The only reason why it's not number one in my heart right now is just because the ending was a lot like Empire of Storms.


Feyre isn't a safe little girl anymore, thank goodness. However, Tamlin is acting like she is. He's so concerned with protecting her that he ignores the fact that she's deteriorating in front of him while he locks her away.

I finally understand the hype over Rhys. He's just fantastic, as are all of the new characters (I love Mor). Maas has a way of twisting things when you're least expecting it, and in glorious ways. But, the plots and endings are way too alike for me with her other books. Faeries? check. Mates? check. Secret marriages? check. Self-sacrificing badass lady main characters? check. Honestly, I know most people prefer these books, but maybe it's just because I read ToG first that my heart sticks with Aelin. Reading this actually made me dislike ACoTaR more because this shows how much potential Maas' writing has and ACoTaR seems like she was at half of her capacity. I do appreciate that she somehow makes non-love-triangles work. There's a new guy introduced and you're like noooo she's meant to be with so-and-so and about ten minutes later you're on board with the new guy with absolutely no going back.

I am way too excited for the next book though. Must preorder nowwww.

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