September 9, 2019

Broken Harbour

Broken Harbour

Tana French

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I'm still loving French's writing style and this series, but I was already weary about reading from Scorcher's POV, and I was right to be.

I didn't really like Scorcher to begin with in the last book, so when I found out he would be narrating Broken Harbour, I was reluctant to pick it up. However, I loved French's writing style so I wanted to keep reading the series. I was also expecting Scorcher to be on the undercover squad but we went back to murder squad.
The actual murder in this one wasn't as suspenseful or guess-worthy as most of the others, compared to them it was pretty lame. I did appreciate the ending and trying to figure out what to do & Richie's dilemma and everything, and I liked the inclusion of Scorcher's crazy sister. Overall, I wasn't really into it though and I blame Scorcher completely. Richie was nice, I'm hoping the next book will be about him!

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