October 16, 2019

Words of Radiance

Words of Radiance

Brandon Sanderson

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I loved this so much, but reading it made me so anxious! I had to renew it from my library about 5 times and still barely finished it in time. I wish that these monstrosities were broken in half just to ease the read.

I love pretty much all of the characters in their own way and seeing the characters from each others' perspectives is really interesting. Kaladin will always be one of my favorite characters, just because I love a broody boy. He takes on so much responsibility and feels everything very deeply in a way that I can understand and empathize with him. When he's forced to look at his life after struggling to just survive for so long, he realizes that he's changed. When he realizes he has powers and then they're gone so suddenly just as he feared, you really felt the panic. Shallan is a more complicated case. I love reading from Shallan's POV because she's so logical but reading about Shallan from other perspectives is just annoying. The way that she acts towards Kaladin did not seem like her at all. I loved her interaction with Adolin and just him in general for being adorable and naive. The fact that the love triangle is being set up is putting me on edge, I would rather leave Kal out of the romance for now.

The plot definitely became more interesting. I loved reading about the different forms of Parshendi and also Shallan's quest to find the lost city. I loved reading about the surgebinding and the different spren. I loved everything, but Shallan's annoyingness and Dalinar's ramblings.

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