October 10, 2018

Dreams of Gods & Monsters

Dreams of Gods & Monsters

Laini Taylor

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I really need to start taking notes as I read, especially monster sized books such as this (pun intended). I loved the ending so much that I really feel like I loved the whole thing, but I don't really remember everything that happened. I'm also wondering if there will be a sequel at some point? :)

I love Taylor's writing style and her characters. They're witty and fun to read even in the face of some of the darkest plots, and we all know I love a mix of light and dark. Akiva and Karou/Madrigal's love is just so pure and necessary in this world and you can feel it when they come together. I loved the backplot of Thiago/Ziri and how he eventually finds happiness (and Liraz too). I also enjoyed that the ending wasn't 'happily ever after' or completely explained as if the world is now fixed just because they got the Angels to work with Chimaera. Mik and Zuzana were still amazing to read about and Eliza and her plot were a great addition (although I don't think Morgan Toth's POV was needed we all know he's a dick). I didn't think I could hate someone as much as Umbridge, but there he is being all Toth-like. Enjoy the mustache ya creep.

Really, though. The world, plot, and everything in general about this book and the series was just so well done. Going to pick up every Laini Taylor book from now on.

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