April 5, 2018



Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

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I loved how the series ended (kind of), but I think this was my least favorite of the trilogy.
This time, we focus on two new main characters. I liked that each book had fresh perspectives, but it got a bit old trying to learn new characters in a new place battling BeiTech. Also, the romance was over-played. Why is it that every main character is a teenage girl that has an oh-so-handsome boyfriend by the end of the books?

Asha and Rhys were my least favorite couple of the group, and least favorite characters as well. I mean, they're both cool, but not nearly as amazing as Kady/Ezra/Nik/Hanna/Ella. As a matter of fact, I even put Isaac Grant above them both. They were just bland and did NOT deal with their issues at all (understandably as a War was going on in the midst), but still.... they go through craziness, are torn apart, Asha hates him, and all of the sudden she just melts when he kisses her.

I liked the recurring theme of adults fucking shit up and kids saving the day. Especially when the adults wouldn't even give the kids the time of day after they already saved the planet multiple times.

My biggest problem, though, lies with the ending.

Seriously, spoilers now.

What is it with YA books that everyone we care about survives the most brutal War ever described? Don't get me wrong, my heart broke when Ezra and Nik went down, and I knew in the back of my head that the authors would never kill off two of the guys, but I wanted that to happen. I wanted there to be realistic casualties in the War. Obviously, there were a lot of people that died throughout the whole series, and maybe I'm just morbid, but 'happy' endings make me sick. There are legitimately about 7 characters we actually care about... and all of them make it out alive.

I liked the trial. I liked the compilation of evidence in the form of recordings, especially now knowing that they were from the crew, but I just wanted MORE! More sorrow, more feeling.

Ella still remains my favorite forever. Illuminae group is beyond badass.

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