April 11, 2018

A Gathering of Shadows

A Gathering of Shadows
V. E. Schwab
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I definitely enjoyed this one more than the first, but I hope it's stepped up a notch in the next book.

A magical tournament... really? Feels a bit overplayed. I understand the author's decision to use a tournament; it allows us to see Lila pushing the boundaries of her abilities to find out what she can do, and it lets us see Kell in action... but I still feel like that could have been accomplished in a less 'cheesy' predictable YA way.
That's really the only bad thought I had about this book.
Alucard was an amazing addition to the cast of characters. He was mysterious, charming, and plenty of fun. I liked reading about him and Lila aboard the Spire and their 'privateering' ways. I liked that he was connected to Rhy, but I felt like he was a different person in Red London. Why tease Rhy? I just don't get that. Also, it seemed like Kell was being very harsh over a heartbreak. I understand he's protective of his brother, but there has to be more to that story and I hope it's revealed in the next book.
The stuff with white London was weird. It felt like it's own separate plot thrown in to establish the plot for the next in the series. Basically, what was the point of the tournament if it has nothing to do with the actual plot? The entire book was about this tournament and how important it was, so I hope that it actually had a purpose.
The cliffhanger was good, for sure. I'm glad I read after the third book is already out :)

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