July 13, 2017

Song of Susannah

Song of Susannah
Stephen King
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At this point, I'm just reading to finish. One more to go, and I REALLY hope that it's much better than this book because I'll be sorely disappointed if I read this whole series for nothing.


I'm done with Susannah/Mia. That whole storyline makes absolutely no sense to me and feels unnecessary. I wish they would just get on with it and get Mia out of there. I also feel the same way about Stephen King's role. Why? Why write yourself into your own book? To make yourself feel important that you have this ultimate story to tell and create real people? You couldn't have picked another author you admire? It just rubs me the wrong way.
Jake, Oy, and Eddie Dean are really the only reason I'm still enjoying this series. This whole book felt like a waste of time, and in my opinion the worst of the series.
Please, Dark Tower, be good.

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