May 10, 2017

You Exhaust Me

You Exhaust Me, A Clueless Guy's Guide to Marriage
Bob Marsocci
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*This book was gifted to me by the author. The below review is my honest opinion*
First, I have to admit that I was a bit cautious going into this one. I am not married, nor am I a man, so I didn't think that I was going to relate to much. I have to say that this was much more entertaining than I thought if you want to pick up something silly about marriage or relationships in general.
This book is not for someone who easily takes offense at stereotypical marriages or gender roles, but honestly, I didn't see any offense in the author's quick wit and fun perspective of a wife that he clearly adores. Obviously not all men or all women are the same so there are going to be different experiences, but I was laughing out loud with some of the things that I saw in myself or even that I disagreed with. I want to thank the author for the shout out to women in the beginning of the book and appreciating what women go through on the daily.

There are a few different chapters on what you can expect for yourself and your wife once you're married. For example: the first chapter is all about the dreaded "You don't have to get me anything for my birthday" debate.
I have quite a few things to say, basically just in reaction to different things I related to in the book.
- there's a lot of talk about men just giving in, but I think that it's a lot about compromise (in my experience)
- I related so much to the birthday chapter it's unreal. My birthday is my day and I have used the don't get me anything bullshit (unfortunately). My first birthday with my boyfriend I told him not to get me anything, so obviously like the sane and rational person he is, he didn't get me anything. But I learned that my expectations for him to figure out the meaning behind those words was completely unrealistic and have since changed my behavior. I do feel like reading this will help give insight to some women who may not realize the man's perspective, especially in regards to this. Marriage shouldn't be dependent on JUST the man adapting, even though women may be harder to convince that they're wrong :)
- I didn't really get the bag of bags because I don't keep them, but I also don't buy expensive purses so that may be why
- I am a sports fan, so I understand. My ex was not into sports at all so I was kind of in the author's shoes and know how frustrating it can be. It's important to us, and some people just don't get why.
- I am so obsessed with candles... that was cracking me up. I do use them, though.
- just in case gifts: most of us are prepared and have them stashed away somewhere.
- We (most women) need romance. The author talked about how different it was 'courting' a woman and then falling into the daily routine, but we appreciate romantic gestures and keeping the passion alive.
- Chick flicks! YESSS! I love watching romantic comedies or tearjerkers with my boyfriend. Another word of advice, DON'T FALL ASLEEP DURING THE MOVIE!!!
- Target is a death trap. You can't go in there expecting to buy two things.
- We (again, most women) want you to be included in the decisions and we want to be considerate of your feelings but also we want to make sure that you're okay with our choices. I promise, we're not trying to torture you by asking what you think.
- I trust my boyfriend's driving, but he's a car guy so I expect to drive fast and try not to complain.
- Women's intuition is real. Listen to our 'weird feelings'.
- I am an advocate for the fart game, but obviously not everyone is for it. My sister and her boyfriend have been dating for 8 years and have NEVER farted in front of each other. I would explode.
- The hall passes at the end of the book were a really cute idea, and much needed.
All in all, this was fully entertaining and simple. I will probably buy a copy just to give to my boyfriend as a guide to being more perceptive (or training as the book says) ;)

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