May 1, 2017

The Drawing of the Three

The Drawing of the Three
Stephen King
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I wasn't too big on The Gunslinger, but this book has me hooked.

We continue Roland's quest to the Dark Tower. In the end of the last book, the man in black had Roland draw three cards, they were: The Prisoner, The Lady of Shadows, and Death. Roland wakes up on a beach and has an unfortunate accident with the 'lobstrosities'... creatures that come to the shore at night and have razor sharp claws. From there, he finds the first door which leads to the inside of the mind of the prisoner... Eddie Dean. There are 3 doors in this book, each for one of the cards and they introduce a few new characters and obstacles for Roland.
The characters are honestly what makes this. Eddie is great, perfectly flawed and we're able to empathize with him. He's a heroin addict in New York City who's trying to smuggle a bunch of cocaine from the Bahamas to the US for the mob in order to get a fix for him and his brother, Henry. Then, there's Odetta and Detta. I found Detta to be pretty annoying for a while, but her joining at the end was good. Odetta has multiple personalities (although in the book they call her schizophrenic since the diagnosis would be different in the 80s). Odetta is a sweet, rich, black woman who's missing half of her legs after being pushed in front of a subway. Detta is her alter-ego... hates all white people and think that they all do miserable things at her expense.
The plot is a little confusing at times, but the suspense and characterization alone are worth the read. I'll keep going with this series.

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