May 1, 2018

A Conjuring of Light

A Conjuring of Light
V. E. Schwab
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The end was about the same as the rest of the series, pretty boring.

I'm glad this one is over. I just don't feel charmed by Schwab's writing, I'm hoping Vicious will be better because I've heard amazing things about that one, but then again people rave about this series and it just wasn't for me.
The characters were done pretty well, but I felt like they all fit into a certain category and never strayed from them. For instance, Lila is a thief, so therefore everything she says and does exhibits that. Understandable, but I would have liked to seen her break through those barriers to be something even better and grow with the amount of things she's seen. Kell was okay, but stayed the same throughout the series as well.
There just didn't seem to be enough growth in any of the characters (besides Rhy).
Rhy was my favorite of the series and I'm glad we got more of his perspective this time around. Between his relationship with Alucard, dealing with his grief, and also having to deal with the idea of being undead, he was very complex which I love.
And then there's the bad guy. Obviously, Osaron caused trouble and deaths and craziness, but he just wasn't as terrifying as I felt he should be. That fight should have been high intensity and stress and instead it was just like okay let's get this over with, we know what's going to happen (SPOILER): they'll win, Lila and Kell will make it out and something will probably happen to Holland. It was just too predictable.
It also felt like this was drawn out a lot. It could have been shortened by about 200 pages. Also, everything that happened in Grey London was pretty useless.
Overall, not really for me but I'll still give Schwab a shot.

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