February 21, 2018

Golden Son

Golden Son
Pierce Brown
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It may just be the aftermath of the ending, but I think this one deserved it (for the most part)


I just want to start out speaking on the subject of 'perfect' Darrow. A lot of reviewers have pointed out that the main character just screams perfection. How even when he messes up, he does it beautifully and they rage about it. I do have to say, it's annoying and unrealistic, but at the same time I don't really care. People say the same thing about Kvothe (and I disagree), but with Darrow it almost makes sense how perfect he is. I mean, he was carved for the specific reason to TRIUMPH!! His brain was altered to make quick decisions, so the fact that he prevails when others would fail miserably really didn't bug me too much. But, yes, we get that he's high and mighty and better than everyone else at everything.
Except that he's not. He gets so many of his friends killed, it's pretty ridiculous.
It's also pretty hard to keep track of all of the sub-plots and lying and who knows what (which makes sense, given the importance of the 'main' secret). But, the ending was worth all of it. There are so many turns in this book, some pretty obvious and some that come out of nowhere, it constantly keeps you on your toes. Also, there's plenty of action and betrayal.
I can't really wrap my head around this to make a decent review, so I'll just say it was cool.

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