September 14, 2017

Tower of Dawn

Tower of Dawn

Sarah J. Maas

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I really wish that this had been kept as a novella

 I loved Empire of Storms. I thought the ending was beautifully heartbreaking and this was just not a good follow-up.

It was so long and drawn out. Honestly, this could have been cut in half and the point still would have been the same. Even though the book was long (and boring), I felt like Chaol's healing went a bit too fast. Yrene starts working on him and he can move his toes after the first session or two? I will say that usually Maas is great with re-writing relationships. For example, in the last book people might be shipping Nesryn and Chaol and in this they obviously just aren't feeling each other but this one felt worse than her other switches. Nesryn didn't understand what Chaol was going through and he was horrible to her... that shouldn't have just shattered their relationship but their friendship too.

I liked Yrene more than most of the other characters. I feel like all of the new princes and princesses of the khagan were just added randomly, I honestly don't care about any of them. I hate how everyone is in pairs... there's just way too much relationship drama going on why can't people be single? There's a war going on... I think that's a bit more important.

I thought the twist was cool, but I wish it was revealed in a different way (like with Aelin). I really just wish this was a novella about Chaol being healed by Yrene and Nesryn and her boy, but it had to be drawn out and added as the next in the series. It just doesn't fit with the rest of the books. I miss Aelin and the original squad not all these randos. I don't even really like Chaol anymore.

I will say that I liked the sacrifice. I think that if Chaol was just magically healed it would have been a bit too easy and would have been a very bad example of a disability. I like that he struggled with not being able to walk and slowly came to terms with it and finally accepted that it doesn't make him less of a man.

Overall, it would have been find as a novella. Give me Aelin back. That extra chapter wasn't enough.

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