September 29, 2017

The Well of Ascension

The Well of Ascension
Brandon Sanderson
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I feel a bit mixed about this one. I know a lot of people loved it, and it was great writing, but I found myself wishing I would just be done with it.

I went into the book knowing other people's problems with it & thinking well that doesn't sound so bad.... turns out I was wrong. This book is just so political, which I would normally be fine with except for the fact that it's giant. It could have been cut down significantly without missing much. I thought it would be a nice twist to have a fantasy book that really deals with the world's issues in a manner that makes sense, but this was just a bit too much. It was just boring.
I could have gotten over that, and probably would have made this a four star book for me if it weren't for the fact that I just don't like Elend. His and Vin's romance makes absolutely no sense and just isn't very well written. Elend writes Vin's thoughts off like she's a silly little girl, when she knows more about how the skaa live than he does (obviously). It's one of those things where you feel like they're a bit too 'perfect' (but he's clearly not). He's just SO honorable and SO smart and the people absolutely NEED him as their leader or they're all going to die. I don't buy it. Yes, he's smart and has some good ideas but I feel like Vin could do things just as well. Either way, I didn't feel the love.
And then there's Zane. I just thought he was going to be so much cooler. I mean, it's another mistborn that can give Vin a run for her money (haha). He's manipulative and hears voices (I think the explanation for this is pretty obvious towards the end) and claims that he loves Vin. How? I don't get it. I think that at this point Sanderson just can't write a good romance. I hope I'm wrong about this.
Ugh, and Tindwyl. I understand the Terris people are pretty upfront and such, but she's not written well like Sazed. I love Sazed. I think he's a great character and has moral dilemmas while still being profound in a way that makes him likeable. Tindwyl was just a bitch. And the whole I'm staying, I'm leaving, I'm staying was just more annoying than anything. "You're a fool Elend Venture" will never replace "You know nothing Jon Snow".
The plot was a little convoluted (as usual). The whole thing about the well of ascension and the ending was pretty confusing. I think it's a good premise, but everything that happened up until this point wasn't even about the well (except Vin's plotline). I don't think it was necessary for all of the other bullshit (Straff & Cett) to be included, or at least not to have their perspectives. It would have been fine if they kept with Zane. I also think Allriane's role was a little weird and disappointing. I liked her. I think that it was stupid that Vin was treating her like a stupid little girl when she knows what it's like to be underestimated constantly. I think that she should have had a bigger part to play (and I hope that she does in the coming books).
The main reason I liked this book was for everything with the kandra. Seriously, if the book was just about them I feel like I would like it a lot more. Between the backstory & powers of the kandra to the 'spy', it was just really interesting and well planned.
Overall, it was okay but not 'amazing' like I thought it would be based on the hype.

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