August 29, 2017

Air Awakens

Air Awakens
Elise Kova
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Finally, they're adding some decent books to prime! Amazon is my life so I'm really excited about the prime ebooks.
This one was pretty entertaining, but I was missing a few details that I hope the rest of the series will cover.

Our main character, Vhalla, is a total bookworm. She's an apprentice at the library in the capital (thanks to her father) and lives a normal life blablabla. She 'discovers' that she has magical powers that were believed to be extinct (shocking). A bunch of stuff happens but that's the main gist. Also, her 'mentor' is the crown prince Aldrik who has a horrible reputation for being crazy mean and he has fire powers.
I didn't really like Vhalla. She was annoying and daft for someone who's supposedly knowledgeable on most subjects. She was also the subject of a love square because, you know, she's super special even though she looks plain. I actually liked Aldrik because he's more complicated and we can't quite figure out his motives. I don't think it made sense that he was quiet throughout the entire trial and that still baffles me. I don't understand how the tower let Vhalla go without making a decision and how instead of trying to decide, spends time thinking about the different men she has a chance with. It's not as bad as some of the other books I've read with war going on at the same time as multiple love interests, but I still don't see how pining does anybody any good.
The ending makes the rest of the story sound interesting and Vhalla is finally learning to toughen up, so I'll keep reading.

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