February 18, 2017

The Crown-Princess' Voyage

The Crown Princess' Voyage

Dylan Madeley

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*This book was gifted to me by the author. The below review is my honest opinion*

I hate to not like books that authors gift to me, but I fought to finish this one.

This book picks up where the previous book left off, a new princess and her angry subjects.

Goodreads blurb:

"The Crown Princess Chandra Kenderley presides over a shaky peace in her empire, but there are few people she can completely trust. And though that trustworthy few will do everything they can, all suggestions point to the same thing. To maintain peace as well as protect her life, Chandra must set sail with those who remain loyal to her.

This is the one and only option that the mastermind behind everything wanted her to have. With known danger behind them and unknown dangers ahead, Chandra's voyage will take her into the convoluted trap of an obsessed enemy; one whose plans encompass the known world.

The Crown Princess' Voyage is the second book of The Gift-Knight Trilogy, and continues where The Gift-Knight's Quest left off."

This is almost starting to feel like Game of Thrones but with worse characters, less world-building, and little to no fantasy. The main reason I enjoyed the first book was because I actually cared about what happened to Chandra, but she was really annoying in this one. She was always moody and complaining and sometimes just so stupid I couldn't get behind her. I don't understand; if you receive a mysterious letter saying here's a detailed map on how to get to my kingdom come visit and bring your knight and it's unsigned... I doubt that it would be a pleasant visit but LET'S GO! She also says she's not sure how she feels about Derek, but she clearly acts like a lovesick puppy all the time. Derek wasn't much better, he was just very unemotional. Jan seemed like he was trying to be Ser Barristan Selmy, which just isn't possible. I found it odd that the character I most liked was the evil villain sorceress goddess, Alathea. She's just so badass out fighting some crazy sea creatures and shit. I just want to know more about this magic she possesses, and how come no one knew about her until now.

I would think that when there's a big war going on, the battle scenes would be so exciting but I actually fell asleep during the big war scene (not even kidding). It's supposed to be left in a cliffhanger for the last book in the series, but I'm not excited enough to find out what happens.

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