December 5, 2016

Transformed: San Fransisco

Transformed: San Francisco

Suzanne Falter & Jack Harvey

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(3.5 stars)

*this book was given to me by the author in order to give an honest review for the sequel (coming up)*

This was fun! My first experience with a LGBTQ focused book, and a good start!

Charley, a transman and CIA agent, is suspended from his job after he fails to file his taxes. Electra, the society Dom, moved to San Francisco to discover her new identity. Frankie, a SF police officer, knows something is fishy in the department but is being punished for her knowledge. The three join together to take down Randy, aka 'Roscoe' who is a religious fanatic with a plan for destruction to the LGBTQ community.

I had a few minor problems with the plot and some unanswered questions, but I'll start with the things I liked. First would be the characters. Their statuses didn't necessarily define them, meaning that the authors didn't put them into their stereotypical boxes of what people normally think a transman or lesbian or dominatrix should be and I loved that. They were definitely more complex and I enjoyed reading about their adventures.

Random fun story: I used to live in Manhattan and was scanning the used books outside of Strand (my favorite!) when a man approached me and asked if I was interested in being a Dominatrix, mostly because I'm pretty small and wouldn't leave marks if I walked on someone's back while wearing high heels.

This is the only interaction I've had regarding BDSM, but I liked that Electra was pretty new to her role and was learning along with us. I also liked that there was more to Randy than just acting on God's word.

There were a few questions I had (that may not make sense unless you've read the book) such as:

Why did Randy rent a car in San Fran (the first time when he was pulled over?) and where was he going? It just seemed convenient that he happened to run a red light.

Why was Electra so obsessed with thinking Rescoe was going to hurt her when he didn't seem threatening at all?

Electra claimed she was desperate to find Rescoe but wouldn't hear Charley out even if he was lying saying that he had info, I would think that she would at least attempt to listen to what he had to say.

Why did Electra think that Frankie was posing as a cop? Charley told her about Frankie before?

How was Randy having premarital sex and still judging everyone 'bad' in San Fran?

Electra calls Rescoe Randy and he doesn't realize it for a while?

Other than little loopholes, I thought this book was fun. I'll let you guys know what I think of the sequel!

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