December 21, 2016

Transformed: Paris

Transformed: Paris
Suzanne Falter & Jack Harvey
Transformed: Paris
*this book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Basically, if you liked the first one, you'll like this one too.

We're back with our transman Charley, and his dom girlfriend Electra fighting crime.... in Paris. The main thing I loved about the first book that transferred to this one as well was the atmosphere. You could tell that the authors really loved San Francisco and mentioned little things about the food/culture/area. If you haven't already fallen in love with Paris, this book will do the trick.
As with the first book, I also had some minor qualms with this one, mostly that everything was based on a 'bad feeling' that Electra got about someone. I get bad feelings about people as well, but that doesn't translate to the person wanting to blow shit up. Especially when the bad feeling happens after the woman freaks out about her hair appointment.... not really related to bombs. Also, the point of Electra going to Paris was to take French lessons, but there's no mention of those lessons taking place at all.
The 'villain' in this one is blissfully ignorant and has purple hair. She supposedly hates migrants, even though she's originally from England and moved to Paris years ago (so she's a migrant). She also doesn't show this hatred much in the book, so I didn't feel the passion as much as I did with Roscoe in San Fran.
Charley & Electra's relationship is strained in this one because they're fighting over polyamory. Charley wants to be able to sleep with other people, but Electra is not having that discussion. In the end, they find that they're both willing to sacrifice what they're comfortable with for the other person. Personally, I'm all about being with one person and I don't fully understand the need to be with multiple people, and for that reason only I don't want to touch too much on the subject. I know that there are people who are happy to do so, but I'm just not one of them so the importance of this to Charley was beyond me.
Overall, the book was a good extension of the characters in the first and will most likely have plenty more to come in different cities around the world.
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