July 28, 2016

Allegiant: the movie = time to rant

I don't normally do this but I'm so furious right now that I need to vent.

I also don't normally expect much out of the movies that show our glorious books on the big screen, because everyone's perspective is different when they're reading and this can change a lot about what we see. The only time I've ever said a movie was better than the books is the Lord of the Rings series, and that's just because of the emotional state of the books vs. movies but ANYWAYS... I decided to re-read the Divergent series because it had been a while and I remember really liking it, but I've seen a lot of bad reviews lately for the books. After finishing the series, I really realized how much I liked it even more the second time. The messages of discrimination between factions and genetically pure/not pure really hit home with me and I thought the messages that the books brought were great, not to mention I love when authors create worlds and characters that are very raw and emotional and I felt that the ending was just great after everything Tris had been through, so this series was amazing in my mind. Then, I realized I never saw the movies so I decided to watch all three.

The movies. Ugh. Okay, so the casting actually wasn't bad at all. I like Shailene Woodley and I felt like she made a great Tris and Theo James was pretty good. Everyone else, I didn't really care about. And the guy that played David I just hate so that didn't help. I just can't take him seriously after Dumb and Dumber, but that's just me. ANYWAYS the first two movies were okay, obviously some things were changed but nothing TOO drastic that made me mad, but the Allegiant movie just KILLED MY INSIDES. Seriously, if you've read the series and haven't watched the movie.... do it. You'll be raging like I am. First of all, where the hell did all this sci-fi shit come from? I guess I understand that it makes it cooler to watch for an audience but it was completely unnecessary and not even in the books so I was very confused by all the trippy CGI bullshit. The experiment was totally different, David would have protected Tris through anything not try to harm her and he wanted the factions to remain, so he definitely would not have tried to help Evelyn. On top of that, Tris never goes back to Chicago and she's not the one that trusts them and is wrong etc. That's all Tobias. And then Caleb is made to be some good guy at the end? And Tris and Tobias live happily ever after in Chicago? And what happens to the Bureau? The whole separation by genes thing is just still existent? WHAT ARE YOU TEACHING PEOPLE? I cannot say enough how much I hated this movie and it's such a shame because there was so much potential with the cast. And researching a little,it seems like there will be another movie, but this will be a TV movie called Ascendant and who knows if it will have the same cast. I'm sure I'll still watch it to see if they can redeem it, but I don't have high hopes. So, once again, thanks for ruining a great series cinematography.

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