May 19, 2016

All the Missing Girls

All the Missing Girls

Megan Miranda

* This review is based on an advanced reading copy. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to read the book in exchange for an honest review *

I really don't even want to start my next book, I just want to go back and devour this again! This book is half murder mystery half psychological thriller and I loved pretty much all of it. The story is told backwards, leading up to the day before the second girl, Annaleise, goes missing in a small town. Ten years before, the main character's best friend, Corinne, was reported missing and the case was never solved, her body never found. Now, after finding out that Annaleise was asking about Corinne's disappearance, it seems that the two girls are linked.

Let me start by saying that I had an inkling of who was responsible for Corinne's death, but I hadn't worked out the how. The explanation actually disappointed me in a way, until I started to read the last chapter. What can I say? I have a thing for dark characters and this book is full of them.

The main character we follow is Nicolette, or Nic, who moved away from this small town after the disappearance of her screwed up best friend. After getting a message from her brother that he needed help convincing their brain damaged father to sell their house, Nic drives from Philadelphia leaving behind her rich lawyer fiancée in order to fix up and sell her childhood home. We start to hear about her past in Cooley Ridge; About Corinne and her twisted games, Nic's ex-boyfriend Tyler who always makes her feel safe, and her distant relationship with her brother, Daniel.

The big reveal was totally worth being a little confused trying to keep track of the time going backwards and things being uncovered a little at a time, but that just makes you want to go back and read again after finding out exactly what happened so you can piece everything together. I loved the way the story was told regarding the time, because otherwise it may not have been as unique of a story as it seems to be... I just think that this was planned out very well and defined why I loved the book so much. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a good mystery, dark characters, or pretty much anyone in existence. Great book!

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