November 15, 2016



Lauren Oliver

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 An ehh ending to an ehhhhhh series. I actually enjoyed this one more than the rest, but the ending just went downhill for me. Of course we had to deal with the new love triangle, which is annoying as always, but at least there was a rebellion in the mix.

The book switches between perspectives (grr). We hear from Lena, as usual, and we also hear from Hana which I was pretty excited about but was let down after realizing that she was cured. However, I understand the need to understand what's going on in society since Lena is out fighting with the invalids. Hana's storyline just sucked, though. I would have been fine with her questioning the cure and going about her daily business and feeling guilty and such, but the whole having her pair be the mayor and having him be evil was just unnecessary. And her giving Lena and Alex away was such a big reveal (to me) and it didn't really seem like such a big deal in the book.

Lena's storyline was good, other than the triangle. The whole mom thing was pretty misleading also, there wasn't really a point to that whole plot. Overall, it would have been maybe a 3 star rating from me if it weren't for the ending. It just felt so rushed and was not satisfying. I'm fine with not knowing how things turned out, but what was the point? We don't get peace of mind or closure from the ending it just stops in the midst of what you would think would be the climax of the story. We read three books for what? Apparently nothing. I was seriously confused when I saw that I only had like 10 pages left and just got to a big battle scene. The characters fell flat, the plot was almost nonexistent, and we didn't even get the satisfaction of knowing whether the fight was worth the struggle.

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