November 22, 2019



Scott Westerfeld

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(2.5 stars)

For some reason, while I was reading this book I got a serious case of deja-vu that I had read something so so similar and just couldn't put my finger on it. Either way, it felt almost non-original and rushed. The concept was definitely interesting, the main character just frustrated me.

Tally is not my favorite main character. She's whiny, self-righteous, and very immature. I felt like the introduction to the relationship with David was very weird as well. I didn't really feel a connection between them and it also seemed like he was being sketchy for no reason and Tally just went along with whatever he wanted to do.

I liked the plot, the idea of uglies and pretties and also experimentation against will and all of the discussions surrounding that, but the book just fell flat for me. I almost don't even care if Tally gets the operation or doesn't, but I guess I'll still continue reading.

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