December 12, 2018

Strange the Dreamer

Strange the Dreamer

Laini Taylor

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I thought I loved everything about Taylor's other series, but this book was just a masterpiece.

Everything about this book was perfection. 

I loved the world and the dream settings. I couldn't wait to see Weep through Lazlo's eyes and how it compared to his thoughts. I loved every single one of the characters (but Lazlo was just straight perfection). I like the premise of Godspawn vs. everyone of Weep and finding out not just what happened in Weep but how Lazlo is more than he seems and there's a reason why he was so caught up in the mystery. I really just loved every single thing about this book.

Taylor is the master of star-crossed lovers of different beings and how that love can shape new beginnings and try to erase years of hate and violence. It doesn't just give us hope for the people in the book, but for the real world as well (not to mention her writing is always entertaining). This has to be hands down my favorite read of this year.

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