October 9, 2016

Type 88

Type 88

Joe Glocke

Type 88 by [Glocke,Joe] 

"Please pay attention. This broadcast will repeat three times. Earth must be repurposed. We will start this process in ninety days. Everyone will be eradicated from the planet at that time. There is nothing you can do to stop this. Use the time you have left to find peace with yourselves. You will not hear from us again. Thank you."
Well, this was refreshing. I'm not sure why I've been staying away from short books such as this, but I'm glad that the author reached out and asked me to give it a shot and express my honest opinion. 

The book was entertaining. It really captured the essence of international relations and thoughts on humanity in general. The book is about a broadcast stating that the world is ending in 90 days, and peoples' reactions to this threatening situation. I liked that there was a range of different perspectives in this book, from political standpoints in the U.S. and Japan, to a son and his father waiting out the end, to a guy who quits his job because he wants to live out the short time to shack up with his girlfriend. It teaches us about peace and unity, and how humans will most likely never live in harmony with so much skepticism and fear against people who are different from us.

The ending was definitely unexpected and I can't speak highly enough of the story. This is probably something that I'll think about a lot, especially with the state of our country right now. For something that I read in just an hour, I'm shocked at how much it made me think. Check it out!

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