August 6, 2018

The Rose Society

The Rose Society

Marie Lu

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Still appreciating how dark this series has become, but I still have a few problems.

The main being that it's just taking so long for little things to happen. There's maybe 2 major things that happen in this book and it felt almost boring the rest of the time, like the plot isn't moving fast enough.
I loved Magiano and can't wait to see what happens with him but Adelina is falling off my list of awesome dark characters because she's just so naïve and power-hungry (understandable to a certain extent) but she will put anyone and anything below her desire for the crown, and for what? To have people bow down to her? She knows nothing of ruling people and everyone is just following along with her plan because she can make them afraid. She's also listening to creepy whispers in her head, I'm pretty sure anyone could figure out that's not the best idea. The discovery about what will happen to the Elites is interesting and I hope that goes somewhere.
Overall it was okay, I really hope the series ends on a good note.

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