October 28, 2017



Terry Goodkind

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*Thank you to the publisher for a chance to read the book in exchange for an honest review*

Two stars for creativity of the premise, that's about the only good thing about this.

The book is about a women who can recognize a murderer by their eyes. Great concept, and I was really excited to dive into this. However, this book was not as exciting as you would think.

As other people mentioned, there's just sooo much explanation in this book. I didn't think of it as a thriller at all but more of a sci-fi mystery with little action. It definitely could have been cut by about 200 pages. I'm glad that the author put in an explanation to the main character's ability, but it was just beaten to death. I would have accepted the explanation about 50 pages before it ended and it was more annoying to read on than anything. We get it.

All of the characters were flat. I didn't care about a single person. And apparently, neither did the main character (Kate). Her brother dies in the beginning and she reacts a little, but when people die later in the book she shows much more emotion than for the person who she grew up with and was supposedly her 'best friend' and she was his 'protector'.

Another thing, the vocabulary in this book SUCKED! If I had to read one more sentence that contained 'avenging angel' or 'bogeymen' again, I would have thrown the book across the room. The ending was just horrible. Most likely, there will be a sequel and it will not be on my TBR.

Overall, disappointed. This was my first Goodkind book, I'll try not to judge off of this since I've heard his fantasy writing is great.

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