March 1, 2017

Quick Update

I just wanted to apologize to anyone who has attempted to reach out to me in the past few weeks for review requests. When I first started getting these requests from independent authors or publishers, I was quick to say yes to everyone because that's just how I am and I know how hard it is to find people who are willing to get the word out about your book, but I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. As readers, we all have ever-growing TBRs, and accepting these books pushes back anything that I've been itching to read for years. Although I have found some gems, I don't have the same passion going into reading most of the books that I'm given to review and it's made me realize how sad that truly is. I started reading for fun, and I would like to keep reading what I want in precedence to what I feel obligated to. If I were getting paid to beta-read, it would obviously be a different story but between a full-time job and going to school online for my Masters, I would like to get back on track to some lighter and more enjoyable (to me) reading. I will still be reviewing, and to anyone whose requests I have already accepted, I will still read and review your books.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

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