March 26, 2017

Empire of Storms

Empire of Storms

Sarah J. Maas

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Like others, this ending broke my heart. I think that (other than Crown of Midnight), this was one of the best books of the series.


Everything led up to that ending. I mean, I thought the books was pretty good and that just took it to another level.

I love Aedion & Lysandra's relationship (and hope that they make up). He's so protective of her and understands how much she's had to endure because of the body she was stuck with. Now that she has the freedom to switch, she's taking advantage and doing some badass things for the Court. Aedion can get pretty annoying with Aelin though... like she said, it seems like the 'she's perfect' stage is over and he seems to think that she hasn't been doing enough for Terrasen.

I've really started to love Aelin and Rowan together (obviously since they're mates). Aelin has really bloomed into one of my favorite characters, especially after all of her schemes are revealed. She's so strong and willing to sacrifice herself for her people and especially for her Court. Maeve is pure evil for all of her bullshit planning. I still don't really like Manon, although I'm glad that she saved Asterin and Dorian. Dorian and Manon together is weird, but I guess fitting since I don't really like either of them. I loved Lorcan and Elide together, which was really surprising because I didn't really like either of them either but together they're much better.

I just can't say enough how much Aelin's plans surprised me (in a good and depressing way). The fact that she was able to get the keys away from Maeve and accept the whipping/iron coffin was amazing enough, but that she married Rowan to give her people a king and planned with Lysandra for her to take Aelin's form in order to get everyone together to fight Erawan was just beyond selfless and courageous. After all the shit she's taken and people thinking that she's not a worthy queen or that she's entirely selfish and immature, only to prove them wrong without taking any credit for her sacrifices was just incredible. I seriously cannot wait for the next book.

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