December 6, 2016


Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
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Never, ever have I read anything like this. It was so creatively done that even if I didn't like the story, I would have given it five stars for the format alone.
Also, I think I'm just going to go into every book blind from now on. I find that I enjoy books a lot more if I don't read the descriptions or anyone's reviews beforehand. A few people recommended this to me, but I had no idea what it was about.

So, the book is set up like a dossier of different official documents, conversations, and military files remaining from a space attack in the year 2575. It all start when Beitech attacks the planet Kerenza. Some people manage to escape on 3 different rescue ships: Copernicus, Alexander, and Hypatia. Kady (our main character) is stranded on Hypatia (research vessel) and knows that the military on the Alexander aren't giving the refugees any valid information. So, naturally, she hacks into the Alexander's computer systems. Meanwhile, her (ex) boyfriend, Ezra, is commissioned as a fighter pilot on the Alexander.
Oh, there's also the AI system, AIDIN, which goes a little nuts (IRobot style), and an outbreak of a chemical illness that makes people go crazy.
Basically, it's a bunch of shit happening in space with a bit of romance in there. What's not to love? I think the twist at the end was a little unnecessary and seemed like it was just to give the authors a chance to make a sequel, but what the hell? I'll read it.
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