February 8, 2017

Throne of Glass

Throne of Glass

Sarah J. Maas

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I finally understand.

I'm probably going to repeat just about every review there is out there, but oh well.

I will admit that I wasn't expecting to like this one too much. Assassins just aren't my thing and I knew there was a love triangle so I wasn't too happy going into this, and it stayed that way for some time. The beginning just wasn't captivating enough. The plot was kind of boring and the main character was just a little too good at everything.

So, brief synopsis, our main character is Celaena - master assassin. She was trained by the best of the best since she was a little girl. After she was captured, she was sent to a slave camp where she worked in mines and was basically treated like dirt (and whipped and such). The king decided to have a contest to find an assassin to do his bidding, so his son chose Celaena as his champion and she was brought to the glass castle. Things happen, contestants start dying, and suddenly Calaena's feeling things (how dare she) and seeing things from another magical world. All she knows is that she needs to win this competition in order to work for her freedom.

I didn't really like Celaena at first. Like most other reviewers have stated, she was too arrogant and way too good at EVERY SINGLE THING SHE DID. Seriously. Not only that, but she was very focused on her looks. After things started picking up though, her character started to show flaws and that's when I started to love her.

The triangle is annoying, but when done correctly it's not as bad. In this case, I'm not convinced it's horrible or great yet. I like that there's a balance between the two love interests and it's not typical in the overused - known one guy forever and mysterious stranger shows up or one is best friend and the other is soulmate. These two men are both complicated and have different relationships with her (obviously I like broody Chaol better).

After I got over everything the first half of the book had to offer, I really started to like the characters. The plot was still a little iffy to me, but I've heard that the second book is a masterpiece so I'm just going to count on that to make up for anything I didn't like. I really hope we learn more about Celaena's backstory because that's what I'm more interested in. I already ordered Crown of Midnight so I'm pretty sure this series is going to take over my life.

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