January 24, 2017

The Darkest Corners

The Darkest Corners
Kara Thomas
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"If it were you--if you were so wrong about something and it wound up hurting someone, wouldn't you do anything to make it right?"

This book is the perfect amount of messed up.
I would classify this more as a whodunit than anything else, but it definitely has a psychological thriller feel as well.

This book starts with our main character, Tessa, going back to her small hometown in Pennsylvania to say goodbye to her dying father in prison. When Tessa was eight, her best friend's cousin was murdered and Tessa and Callie (the best friend) were forced to testify against a man that they weren't sure was guilty. When Tessa comes back and another girl is found dead in the same way as the previous murders, questions are raised. Tessa is determined not only to find out who killed the girls, but also to find her missing mother and sister. 
Everything is brilliantly related in this story and the ending is so satisfying. The book did start out a bit slow, but I sincerely enjoyed reading it and it was refreshing to read something without a romance in it for once.
I highly suggest this one.

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