June 25, 2016

The Crown

The Crown

Kiera Cass

 Before I start about the ending of this series, let me start by saying that I wasn't a huge fan. I read the Selection trilogy in a short amount of time because they were light easy reads, but I didn't think that they were anything special. However, when I got to The Heir, I hated it. Could not stand it. So, why continue to read the series? Well, this book is supposedly the last one and I had to finish what I started. Also, I heard that it was a decent ending to a not-so-great series, and I wanted to see for myself. Now, onto the book.

*Spoilers Below*

 I don't like Eady. She just bugs me. I felt like this book was a little better than the last where she's concerned, because at least she's learning about how to be a ruler and not just being self-centered all the time or complaining about how she has to get married and do her duty and all of that. I get it, I really do. You want to do what's right for your people, but your life is so significantly different than pretty much anyone in your country, and you weren't making any effort to learn about other peoples' lives. And you still expect them to love you when they know nothing about you. Idiot.

I also felt like this book was also little better because it focused more on the politics of being a princess/queen, but at the same time these books are supposed to be about the selection, and I felt like this process and the boys were really put on the back burner. She barely went on any dates, there were absolutely no challenges or anything like that in her parents' selection, and she wasn't really trying to get to know these boys, which makes sense with everything else going on in her life but didn't add to the plot of the book (which is really just supposed to be about the romance). 

I really thought it was going to be Kile, I mean it was basically set up from the start to be him and then all of the sudden she's just kinda like I love you, but nah. I will say that I'm glad she picked who she picked, as I was rooting for them the whole time. It just seemed like he was the most down to earth character and I liked that, but the decision felt very rushed (again, I understand the circumstances but it felt like the whole book was useless for the last 10 pages to undo everything). 
Also, I get how her becoming Queen to help her parents out is a nice gesture, but completely illogical. Your father has ruled for a very long time, the people love him, and he's great at what he does. Yes, America's health issues are scary but he's the King, that's kind of what he signed up for and for him to just be like 'okay yea, you can be Queen I don't wanna do this shit anymore I'd rather spend time with your mom and be normal people' just didn't seem like a realistic move for his character or for someone who's in charge of an entire country. 

The whole book just felt rushed. But, almost for nothing since the ending was much different than what the plot was building up for. You guys couldn't be together, but now you can just because you feel like it? And 'I'm not giving up the Reign', but you kinda are? Nothing really made sense, and I kind of feel like I wasted time reading this. Oh well, I know how the series ended and it didn't really change my opinion at all.

For those of you that liked the rest of the series, you'll probably like this book. Once again, it's just not for me. If I read about romance or 'true love', I need more substance not just instalove and happy endings with no real struggle to get there. Guess it's a good thing I'm not a princess, huh?

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