May 6, 2016


Welcome to Bright Copy Book Review!

Reading has been my solace for quite a few years now, but I never felt the need or want to review anything I read (thinking no one would really care what I had to say), but a few people have convinced me that I may have some worthy opinions to share with the world. A few things about myself: my name is Alyssa and I live in Connecticut (no, it's not just a bunch of rich white people). I currently have a full-time desk job and go to school online part time for my Master's in Psychology . I love showing off my adorable 20lb cat named Lola that has an obsessive licking habit and likes to lay on my head while I'm trying to read and/or sleep. ->

 I'm usually a pretty fast reader unless a book is really dragging on or unless I'm taking a little more time to enjoy the author's use of imagery or elaborate prose. I also enjoy traveling even though I haven't been able to go anywhere in a while I still love to talk about my past adventures so feel free to reminisce with me. If you have any book  recommendations, let me know and feel free to add me on goodreads at:

Here's a current picture of my bookshelf which is forever growing too full. I'm sad I can't fit my awesome dinosaur skull bookends that my friend got me for my birthday in a proper place, but they're still there for decoration.

I'm new to netgalley! I received my first ARC today :D I'm super excited and can't wait to start reading it after I'm done with my current read

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